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History - a science kind. If we take the history textbook, it would appear that before this century the whole world, and only to those engaged in that win and won land. But there were feelings and emotions, and great deeds. Not many children like the story, as a subject. The exceptions are those who are lucky with the teacher, or those who read historical novels. Why is a literary movement? Because many historical novels describe not only the counter between states or peoples in a given country. It describes a whole epoch with its customs and preferences. With its traditions, music, painting, fashion. It describes the relationship between the sexes, between parents and children. You can trace the life of the individual layers of society. Learn how he lived, a scientist. What influenced his fate, which was the trigger, pointed it at the opening of accomplishment. History - it's surprisingly interesting science, if you study it properly. For example, you can take the book by Mario Puzo "The Godfather", it is unlikely that there will be a teenager, which she did not like it. But it describes a historical layer with reliable facts.

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